Montreal's Original Flavours

Who We Are

TMSDL Food Group is a privately held company. Owns many of Canada's great brands including, Montreal Smoked Meat & Deli, Montreal Hot-Dogs Poutine & Fries, Smoke & Pickles ''Meat-ing Place'', Blackstrap Barbeque and Sidewalk Cafe  1642.


At TMSDL Foods Corp. the overall goal and mission is to provide a high quality restaurant experience for all guests through the following mechanisms: 

l. Consistent use of high level and quality ingredients in all our products;

2. Proper training of all staff in all facets of the restaurant to provide a flawless experience for guests;

3. Rectifying, learning from and adjusting any mistakes made or any unfortunate experiences our guests may have had;

4. Creating and maintaining a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for our guests to promote repeat business;

5. Maintaining an affordable and quality product at all times;

6. Constant creative evolution as well as the maintenance of favorites in order to remain an exciting and desirable destination for our guests;

7. A well-tra.ined management team, committed to a great cus.tomer experience, staff welfare and proper control anq problem solving systems. 

Our group is looking to new franchise partners to continue its rapid growth across Canada. As our group continues to expand, new and existing franchisees will have the opportunity to grow with the brand and expand their portfolio of restaurants.